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Behavior Evaluations


Complete a Comprehensive Questionnaire

Please download the appropriate questionnaire below and email the completed version (with as much detail as possible) at least 2 days before your scheduled evaluation.

Email to, attn: Dr. Stacy


In-Clinic Evaluation

You and your pet will participate in an hour-long evaluation and discussion with Dr. Stacy, where she will discuss details from your completed questionnaire, share resources, and begin to outline a plan.


Receive Your Completed Behavior Plan

Within a week of your evaluation, you will receive a written behavior plan including summaries from the questionnaire and evaluation, behavior modification, supplements, and medication recommendations, additional resources, and more.

Dr. Stacy's Behavior Journey

Despite knowing that she wanted to attend veterinary school, Dr. Stacy made the decision to earn her undergraduate degree in Psychology after finding it very interesting in high school.  Fast forward to vet school where she was first introduced to the concept of veterinary behavior, and quickly realized how much overlap there was between that and human psychology/psychiatry. 

During vet school, Dr. Stacy took elective behavior classes, completed three different clerkships working with boarded behaviorists and licensed behavior technicians, and received the Boehringer Ingelheim Clinical Behavior Award upon graduation.

Dr. Stacy considered pursuing a non-traditional residency program in behavior (and may do so in the future), but for now she has decided to focus in behavior as a special interest, attending behavior-specific continuing education events and staying updated via journals and her contacts with various boarded behaviorists around the country.

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